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My professor told us: If you can answer the questions under Key Questions for a Theater Report ( (especially those in relation to the set design and construction, lighting, costumes, hair and makeup, props, acting, directing, sound effects and sound projection) with clear examples and references from the course, you will be able to write a strong critique that should receive a high grade. ( The event took place at Riverside community players) I am looking for your informed opinion based on information learned in this class. Make sure your opinions are supported by strong details and examples from the production”

For the comedy play “ The dinner Party” …. it is written by Neil Simon. Just for you to know . Thanks.

When I went to watch the play the room was small and there was around 50 people and there was six characters ( those are the main things ) ( everything else you can put from your mind. If you need anymore information ask me. This essay if for my final so please help me take an A. Thank you very much !!


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