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This search symbolizes the dissatisfaction in his life and the craving for someone to complete this search. Furthermore, the fragrance and moisture of flowers signify the freshness of true love. The novelty of these feelings arouses Gurov to new heights of emotions and experiences. Finally, Chekhov further uses situational irony to show how Gurov changes. Gurov falls in love with who he calls an inferior race, which actually made him part of the better race, because love changed him to become a better person. Gurov sees women as an “inferior race” (362) and his first impression of Anna is that she is pathetic. By being in love with an inferior race, the situational irony is that Gurov has transformed into a “better race,” where he sheds the monotony of his life behind and experiences something so passionate and liberating. However, it remains ironic that Gurov keeps this life a secret, when it is only the life he ever wanted to live.


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