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Week 8 Discussion – Designing Data Collection for Non-Parametric Study

For your last Discussion forum in the course, design a data gathering tool for ordinal data that may be appropriate for a non-parametric statistical study related to the topic you have chosen for your course project.

For example, suppose my study is on hand-washing. I can conduct a non-parametric statistical study that would measure how important hand-washing seems to the nurses. I might use the following data gathering tool:

Please choose the one response that most closely corresponds to how you feel:

  • I wash my hands every time I enter a patient room.
  • I wash my hands only when I know my patient is contagious.
  • I do not wash my hands even when I know my patient is contagious because I don’t have time.
  • I do not wash my hands because patients are all on antibiotics anyway.

My topic is: The relationship between HPV and Cervical Cancer. Can someone help me with Non-Parametric questions for this topic?


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