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In the early formation of the government Alexander Hamilton was looking for different ways to stabilize the economy. One of the ways was to tax whiskey and rum. In 1791 congress approved the tax. The Whiskey Rebellion was an uprising of four Pennsylvania counties who opposed the tax and felt the personal freedoms were being ignored. In 1794 citizens opposing the tax rebelled against federal officials in charge of enforcing the tax. Whiskey rebels used tactics of intimidation and violence against the officials. With the Whiskey Rebels trying to sell the idea of secession, the federal government decided this was the time to shut this rebellion down and make a statement to the rest of the nation as well as European powers. A statement that the government would do whatever it takes to ensure the stability of the United States. It was important to settle the threat to federal power. It was also important to President Washington and Alexander Hamilton to pay down the nation’s debt which the revenue from the whiskey tax was being generated for.  


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