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Write a 1 page essay on Brown v. board of education.

The law does also not recognize the lack of equality in segregating the two races and actually turns a blind eye to the fact that one race is being treated superior while the other remains inferior in their segregated premises. The fact that they had equal facilities does not mean that the facilities were of the same quality only quantity. Having equal number of teachers for example but who are not very much qualified (as they are also of similar race and hence not very much educated) does not shout the name equality at all. The same applies to the state of the other facilities such as the transportation and the building compared with what the whites were receiving.

If the same quality of facilities cannot be accorded to the different races and the same treatment being offered to the white cascaded down to the blacks, then there can never be any form of equality even though the law rules that there is according to the fourteenth amendment as equality cannot exist just in one form or term and the rest of the issues ignored or


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