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“You will now put yourself in the shoes of a paralegal working at a defense law firm. A defendant in the Justin King complaint has retained your law firm to represent it against Mr. King.Mr. King is a plaintiff in a case involving his injuries while driving his motorcycle erratically on a highway- an anhueser busch beer truck passes him- 4 cases of beer happen to fall out and the plaintiff sustains massive and extensive injuries. The plaintiff was in the finals for a TV competition comparable to “American Idol” and had to withdraw due to his mouth being wired shut and after trying to remove the wires himself and being stopped but not “fixed” the client has ongoing surgeries to complete in order to set his facial bones correctly.Your supervising attorney has asked you to do some preliminary research to determine what legal, affirmative defenses your client may have in this case.Locate a case or statute in LexisNexis that sets out the elements of at least one of the affirmative defenses you think your client may have, give a brief summary of the defense and the proper Legal Bluebook citation.”


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