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I need help with these questions. I do not know how to solve them and its a study guide for a final so any bit of help will be appreciated. Thank you very much and happy holidays.

SHORT ANSWER3 . Multiply and simplify : ( 3 41 ) ( 6 71 )41 10Write the answer in the form at bi where a and bare real numberreal Numbers .Answer14 . Solve , and write the answer in interval notation 0 0 0Answer2 4 15 A can of soda at 83 I is placed in a refrigerator that maintains a constant temperature of 35F . The temperature I of the sodat minutes afterit is placed in the refrigerator is given bI ( ) = 35+ 48 . e0 058 19Find the temperature of the soda – 15 minutes after it is placed in the refrigerator . ( Round to thenearest tenth of a degree . )Answer16 Find the value of the logarithm : log4Answer7 . Solve : 8Answer18 * Suppose $3 600 is invested in an account at an annual interestrate of 4 6% compoundedontinuously How long ( to the nearest tenth of a year ) will it take the investment to double inAnswer19 Let f ( x ) = 2 2 + 10 * + 22.9( a ) Find the vertexAnsivert( b ) State the range of the function ofAnswer


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