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I need some help on this presentation based on my proffessor’s feedback.

you are the judge and that no other facts are required for you to determine if a crime was committed or not, so your analysis should apply the facts to the criteria and make that determination. In other words, the answer is either Yes, or No, but not both. Also, you have misapplied the rules for strict liability, e.g., strict liability requires inherently dangerous activity, etc. Please review the civil laws in each of the Resources provided for this project and that should enable you to identify the specific criteria and then apply them to the facts of the scenario in your revision.

Also, the Defenses must be “likely”, and there is nothing in the facts indicating Sam was under Duress and intentional torts means Incapacity is not available, etc. For Damages, only one person can claim Punitive damages, so please revise to correctly identify the damages, torts, and defenses for the 3 defendants.

I’m not much into Maryland Law or US Law sections much but correct me if i made any mistakes or make suggestions


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