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a) Solve for the concentration of the gasoline in Michael Lake before the spill.

b) Find the concentration in the lake immediately after the spill. Express your answer in M.

c) Mose sees the spill and immediately grabs a 2 L bucket and takes a 1 L sample of the

lake water. He seals the bucket and leaves it on his lab bench for a few weeks. When

Mose opens the bucket to test the water, what would be the equilibrium concentration in

the headspace of the bucket? Express your answer in ppm.

TakeCinCout , QMichael LakeSome potentially useful informationKH = 0.00 03 moll atmMW of gasoline = 1 14 23 9/ molKim = 5 * 10 2 misDepth of Lake = 10 mCin = 0 0 01 9 / L of gasolineVolume of Lake = 1 x 10 mQin = 170 m / minA leaky gasoline pump in Scranton PA causes gasoline to contaminate a river at aconcentration of .001 9 / L . This river feeds intoand out of Michael Lake . The constant leakingcontinues for years . One day , a tanker truck transporting gasoline to Schrute Farms tips oveand spills : 500 ky of gasoline into Michael Lake . Interfacial mass transfer occurs in the lake


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