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Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Music and Pornography Censorship.

Censorship refers to a practice whereby public communication or speech is suppressed, particularly if it is regarded as harmful, objectionable, or sensitive by media outlets, governments, as well as other regulatory bodies. Various reasons lead to censoring on public content since the responsible bodies believe they contribute to immorality (Cloonan and Drewett 11). The various reasons that lead to censoring of content include pornography, obscenities, hate speeches, need to safeguard young children, enhance national security, or restrict or promote religious or political views. Various forms of censorship prevail in the current society. Any content is subject to censorship based on people’s location or activities taking place in a country (Chapman and Ciment 5). The media on the internet, radio, television, movies, books, and music are subject to censorship. Censorship is implemented in different forms every day. For example, music and pornography are among the key media types, which censorship is exercised (Jones 18).


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