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1.      A small business company is exploring migrating to virtual desktops instead of purchasing new computers. Every 3 years the company replaces 15 computers at a cost of $22000. Analyze the cost of purchasing 15 virtual computers instead.

a.      Find the pricing for Virtual Desktops from Amazon Web Services. (

b.      Calculate the cost of using 15 virtual desktops for 3 years.

(1)   The company employees are of 3 types, Clerks, Managers and Analysts (Marketing Analyst, Financial Analyst etc.). The company has 2 Managers, 3 Analysts and the rest are Clerks.

(2)   Make assumptions about computer usage at the organization. For example how many employees would need a powerful virtual computer, and how many would need a basic version? How many hours would each type of employee use the computer? Include these in your cost calculations.

c.      Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of migrating to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Recommend if the company should subscribe to virtual desktops or purchase new desktops.


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