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Joan was in a car accident that resulted in her hitting her forehead hard on the steering wheel. She was transported to the local hospital for an evaluation of her mild concussion. After being checked thoroughly by an emergency room doctor, she was discharged and returned home the same night of the accident. Over the next several weeks, Joan’s colleagues and friends commented to her that her moods were constantly oscillating and that she was exhibiting more forgetfulness. They recommended she seek treatment from a local psychologist because they assumed she was dealing with unresolved trauma and stress from her car accident. Joan obliged and sought the assistance of the recommended psychologist. While seeking treatment, Joan forgot to tell the psychologist about mild concussion she received from the car accident. What type of psychological tests could the psychologist use to assess Joan’s symptoms? Is there one in specific they should use to assess Joan? Explain why the psychologist should use the chosen test(s) and what outcomes it could show that would be beneficial to the therapeutic process. 


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