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For the course Financial Market and Institution, we had to create a securities portfolio on a trade simulation on the EquitySim website. Initially each student was give 100 million dollars to trade and build their portfolio.

Your individual 2500 word report should include explanation investment strategy, asset allocation decisions, and critically analyse the results of the portfolio management. The report preparation allows the students to revisit all learning points and practice with professional reporting. 

The content of the report should include, but not limited to:

  • Executive Summary;
  • Description of the Investment Strategy or Strategies used for each asset class or overall
  • Description of the asset allocation, if any;
  • Analysis of the market, macro-, industry and other factors affecting the investment decision.
  • Valuation of the market, or specific industry or company/investment;
  • Analysis of particular events and securities performance in anticipation / reaction to these events
  • Conclusion and lessons learned;


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