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Imagine yourself as a senior manager at a medium sized firm, and you have taken on the role as an Incident Commander during a flu pandemic.  People are not dying from this flu, but some are requiring brief periods of hospitalization to recover.  Many people simply feel very ill and need a week to recover at home before feeling well enough to go to work.  The local health units are offering free vaccine clinics but are stuggling to keep up with demand.  Some employees are refusing to report to work for fear of catching the flu from a co-worker.  Your business operations are beginning to suffer as a result.

Using your knowledge of the Incident Command System, think about the actions you would take in your attempt to regain control over your workplace and operations.  What would you do?  What roles would you assign?  Note and discuss the differences in your response to the initial postings of other students.

Surname 1First Name SurnameInstructorCourseDateFlu BreakoutThe outbreak of the flu is one of the incidents that have lately come with a lot ofconsequences based on the daily operations of…


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