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Write 2 page essay on the topic Socrates Discourse.

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In that context Socrates classifies his oppressors to be as much enshrined in the machinations of the past as in the present. Socrates unravels the ploys of his detractors to attribute his fame and name to some esoteric ability to perform mysterious and unnatural feats. As per Socrates, his fame could be deemed to be the direct outcome of a wisdom that is natural and human and therefore not beyond the aspirations of any human. As per the words of Socrates, his present plight originated from his honest and bold audacity to question the validity and truthfulness of the elites of his times, be it the politicians, seers, poets, artisans or teachers. The trial of Socrates originated not from some personal sin or crime, but rather from the daring of the accused to indulge in a free play of ideas, thereby making the populace see through their proponents’ so called wisdom and sensibility. As per the Apology, the only crime Socrates seems to have committed is to challenge the status quo of the elites of his times.


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