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Use APA format for the bibliography and in-text citations. Type all deliverables using Microsoft Word and implement the Times New Roman size 12 font. The paper should be a review/summary (think literature review) of your topic.

Students will submit their final paper to the SafeAssign link provided on Moodle for plagiarism detection.

Students who are found to have plagiarized their paper will receive a zero on the paper. A report of academic misconduct will be filed against the student. If you are unclear how to write a paper without plagiarizing please visit the Library and or Writing Center. You may also speak with your professor.

DO NOT Tips: Do not plagiarize. Do not wait until the last minute. Do not submit the wrong file (you can only submit once).

DO Tips: Visit the Writing Center at least once. Create an outline, draft, and final draft. Know that students who excel on this paper go above the minimum expectations. View the rubric before you start writing outline. Use scholarly sources.

Submit your paper as an MS word document (no other file format will be accepted).


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