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Read the Case “Adams Funeral Home” from your Family Business textbook and answer the following questions.  The case is located on pages 195-197 of the textbook. 

When answering the questions, FOLLOW THE FORMAT PROVIDED BELOW.  Delete all Notes in parentheses prior to submission; they are simply there to explain the formatting structure.

Case Policy:  Your Professor is aware that information regarding this case can be found via the Internet.  However, this assignment should reflect your learning experience in MADM 752.  Therefore, you should use course material (textbook concepts/video information) and external sources to craft your responses.  All external sources must be cited using APA format and should be not be “lifted” from other places.  DO NOT COPY INFORMATION FROM THE TEXTBOOK!! 

****Please answer the 2 questions attached to this. Use the template

Please write in sentence form for each point you make.

1. Indent your reference list: (Example)

Omit the author initials and place the punctuation at the end of the reference 

(Lazarus, R.S. 2006)


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