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Need an argumentative essay on OSHA Standards. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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This can be by considering chemical appearance and odor among others. Measures for protection should also be dealt with together with necessary emergency procedures and equipments to use. Labeling system should also be clear for all to understand. In case an employee is highly exposed to hazardous chemicals like lead, the employer should perform a medical check to ascertain the extent of exposure whereby the results should be availed within 15 days after their receipt (OSHA, 2011). The employer in case the levels exceed exposure limit should initiate measures to reduce the levels of lead for concentration of around 30 ug/m(3). Lead is a substance that is quite hazardous and training in the Lead Standard offers good information that enables employees and employers to handle overexposure to the Action Level. References OSHA (2011). Toxic and hazardous substances. Retrieved 25 Jan. 2011 from, http:// id=10030 OSHA (2011). Hazard communication. Retrieved 25 Jan. 2011 from, http://


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