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Need an argumentative essay on Project management: Organising a concert. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

This meeting is meant to discuss the way forward in improving the state of the community. First, this meeting brings together the key stakeholders of the society. The community should identify the main problems that affect it and solutions to the problems should be discussed. The charitable organizations usually take on projects to solve problems that face the society. Issues of communal concern cannot be faced individually. They need to be addressed communally as they occur. The community members are supposed to identify problems of societal concern that affects them. The charitable organizations are expected to participate in community development in order to improve the state of the community. The proposed concert would bring together the community stakeholders. The purpose of this first meeting is to find a way of announcing the concert. Furthermore, it is meant to identify the organizations that can accept to participate in the community charity projects (Waddewel, Barnet& Berry,


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