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Compose a 250 words essay on Reflection in Two Pictures. Needs to be plagiarism free!

It could show his dream to visit the Avant Grade graveyard among other places. From this art work, people need to reflects about their life’s, from where they have come from, how far they have gone, different challenges they have experienced and what awaits them in the future.

Peter Beard by Ray Johnson is the second image for reflection in this paper. Johnson, another seasoned artist, creates imaginative works based on what he thinks to reflect on different issues about life. Peter Beard is an exceptional art work, illustrated on board through ink wash and combined with acrylic, collage and pink, it is easy for anyone to know what the image intends to communicate. The image, shows an individual with a single idea on his mind, sees the idea in different dimensions, in this case reflected by use of different colours, and wants to use it to buy his dream car. The image show a frustrated individual, his head full and probably unable to implement the idea. This teaches us to only reflect on a single idea that we can


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