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Present a summary of the technologies and technological tools covered in the course and how they are used to increase efficiency in a business organization. Select a case from the textbook and prepare an analysis based on the questions at the end of the case.

– Every week, you will be asked a set of questions related to the chapter covered in that

particular week. You need to research, analyze, and respond to each question.

– Responses to these questions should be part of your Term Paper. Your paper must cover all the questions that were raised, and you should supplement content with the material that you think will provide more insight and in-depth analysis.

– All such responses along with supplemental research should be assembled in one

portfolio called, “Information Technology in the 21st Century Enterprise”. This portfolio will be approximately 10 double-spaced pages (with complete references).

– Students are expected to submit this portfolio electronically by the end of Week 13.

– The E-text for this project is  Managing Information Technology, 7e 


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