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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: IT163 unit 6 bd.

ortant to validate the information received from the web forms, so that by any means if the user enters incorrect data / information, the web forms should inform the users by appropriate message box.

There are many web forms available over the internet which represents the poor web form design. One of the worst web form design examples is available at the URL (http:// The form available at the given URL is regarding collecting personal information of a user like name, address, contact etc. The size of the text fields is unnecessarily huge as well as the different text fields have different sizes. Moreover, the questions are not precise as to get name, the web form designer asks the ‘Initial’ which is not clear. Irrelevant and similar information / questions have been designed in the form, for instance, contact information has been designed in four different tables including the address (two times), five types of phone numbers, etc. (Mansfield, 2009). Comparatively, the web form available at the URL ( for creating accounts in Gmail is simple and


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