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The current market price for RFID tags is between 20 and 40 cents. A company that is currently utilizing RFID tags to improve its supply chain is Wal-Mart Inc. Wal-Mart is the world largest retailer and biggest employer. The use of RFID has allowed Wal-Mart to improve its warehouse logistics. For example Wal-Mart is using RFID technology to scan tags on products as pallets are moved through a dock or scanning cases on high shelves in a warehouse (Rfidjournal). Companies can also use the technology to track the movement of merchandise as it is moved by trucking companies. The auto-id system developed for use in RFID tags must be open source so that there won’t be any compatibility issues. A good system will use the internet to connect users to the information in real time. As the cost of RFID continues to decrease its application will become the new standard in the packaging industry. Work Cited Page 2011. “What is RFID?’’ RFID Journal. 1 March 2011. 2010. “RFID- Definition.” 1 March 2011.


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