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The following lettered items represent a classification scheme for a balance sheet, and the numbered items represent accounts found on balance sheets. In the blank next to each account  write the letter indicating to which category it belongs.

A.   Current assets                                          E.   Current liabilities

B.   Long-term investments                             F.   Long-term liabilities

C.  Property, plant, and equipment                 G.  Stockholders’ equity

D.  Intangible assets                                       H.   Not on the balance sheet

_____    1.    Accumulated Depreciation                        _____    6.    Inventory

_____    2.    Retained Earnings                                     _____    7.    Patents

_____    3.    Interest Expense                                       _____    8.    Prepaid Rent

_____    4.    Salaries and Wages Payable                     _____    9.    Mortgage Payable

_____    5.     Dividends                                               _____  10.    Land Held for Investment


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