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Write a 1 page essay on Sexuality Education for people who living with a disability.

This type of treatment makes it important for us to play our role in spreading such sexuality education that promotes respect for these individuals as well as mental and spiritual support for them. “Having an adult identity” and “autonomy” (Herbert, 2011, p.133) are two major rights that these individuals must be granted.

In my practice, I would specially encourage the disabled individuals to enhance their expression of self-identity through not being embarrassed of their sexual orientation or sexual desires. The motivation to express self-identity and self-acceptance is the major thing that is required to give these individuals confidence. For example, I would advocate couples to compromise with the disability of a spouse and accept each other’s sexual orientation and sexual fantasies by overlooking the physical disability. Second, I would like to give awareness to females that they are the more precious gender of the two, and physical disability should not make them feel deprived of their sexual desires and related


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