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  1. The financial statements of P&G are presented in Appendix B and in the WileyPlus Chapter 8 Resources. The Company’s complete annual report, including the notes to the financial statements, is available at P&G Annual Reports. Refer to P&G’s financial statements and the accompanying notes to address the following: How does P&G value its inventories? Which inventory costing method does P&G use as a basis for reporting its inventories?
  2. How does P&G report its inventories in the balance sheet? In the notes to its financial statements, what three descriptions are used to classify its inventories?
  3. What costs does P&G include in Inventory and Cost of Products Sold?
  4. What was P&G’s inventory turnover in 2014? What is its gross profit percentage? Evaluate P&G’s inventory turnover and its gross profit percentage.


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