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WAR ON TERRORISMConsidering the current situation with the war on terrorism post Bin Ladin operation in Pakistan.1. Review and comment on the U.S. Policy on Terrorism.2. Considering the recent events in Europe, Turkey, Iraq, South America, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Great Britain, Afghanistan and Pakistan, what is your view on our current status pursuing this policy?3. Do you consider the current policy successful? Why or why not?Dr. Rice’s Comments in 2004 set this off see: review:http:// http:// note that the National Strategy to Combat Terrorism has been removed from the White House link) you may find it at: http:// too: the current political debate, and, respond to the answers of your fellow students. Remember to use citations to support your argument.Response should be 100 words

Considering the current situation of war and terrorism, America has formed a very strong andstrict policy on terrorism. The recent trends in Europe, Turkey, Iraq, South America, SaudiArabia,…


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