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What would be the research question and interventions for this scenario:

You are consulting in a large urban school district where you are responsible for training six resource teachers to implement Tier 2 and Tier 3 academic interventions with treatment fidelity. You recently facilitated a workshop where you trained the teachers to implement a math intervention to increase fluency and accuracy of single digit math facts. The intervention consists of “drill and practice” with an error correction procedure in which students say the correct facts three times if and error is made. During the workshop, you provided didactic instruction where you reviewed all components of the intervention. You provided each of the teachers with a script that had each of the intervention components listed as well as instructions that should be read verbatim. After the training you observed each of the teachers implementing the math intervention. Two of the teachers scored over 95% treatment integrity, whereas four of the teachers obtain scores below 50% treatment integrity. You must address the teachers’ low treatment integrity. 


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