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Based on the two articles: (See Attachments) 

Weiss, R. P. (February , 2001). How to Foster Creativity at Work, T & D, 55(2), 61 – 65. 

Pulakos, E. D., Arad, S., Donovan, M. A. (2000). Adaptability in the Workplace: Developing of a Taxonomy of Adaptive Performance, Journal of Applied Psychology, 85(4), p. 617.

Based on those articles, *Prepare a ONE page, APA format document discussing the FIVE (5) most important factors that would assist an individual in adapting to and fostering creativity in the workplace. It must be formatted correctly in APA format and ORIGINAL WORK! NO PLAGIARISM! Please this is university policy. 

*Please do not take the assignment if you would not do it correctly, I’ve had bad experience from previous tutors. Thank you

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1 Running head: CREATIVITY AND ADAPTABILITY IN THE WORKPLACE Creativity and adaptability in the workplaceNameInstitution 2 CREATIVITY AND ADAPTABILITY IN THE WORKPLACECreativity and adaptability…


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