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Need an argumentative essay on MGMT 4330. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Making the decision alone will provide a room for personal growth and development. This is because it helps in utilizing time and saving resources, especially when the decision is to overcome the crisis or an urgent situation. It is also apparent that personal decisions can enable a person to come up with strategies that propel timely completion of tasks.

Even though the decision is to be made personally, consultation is essential. The idea of having consultations is not to have the issues form part of the decisions that are to be made (Whetten and Kim 469). Decisions that are made without involving other individuals provide a sense of commitment to the inherent duty. Personal decision enables the individual to prudently manage time and come up with policies and procedures essential for success. The essence of making the decision alone is also to provide a self-evaluation and the basis for chatting ones destiny. However, the involvement of other decision makers who introduce new ideas that enhance the selection of different


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