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Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Music and Adolescence.

Each adolescent has their own individual preferences with the type of music they regularly listen to. Some of the past research studies have tried examining how the music preferences of the listeners affect their mood (happiness, sadness, anger, fear, tenderness, power, brightness, melancholy, relaxation, and grace) (Zacharopoulou & Kyriakidou, 2009) while others have tried to examine the impact of tempo, rhythmic clarity, rhythmic complexity, pitch level, harmonic complexity, variation of loudness, variation of tempo, rapid changes in loudness, and rapid changes of tempo over the listeners’ mood (Saarikallio & Erkkilä, 2007).

To determine the common type of music that captures the interest of the adolescence, a quantitative and qualitative research survey study combined with a personal one-on-one interview with a couple of randomly selected individuals will be invited to participate in the study. Basically, the proposed research study will be conducted to examine the factors that could possibly contribute to the listeners’ preferences.


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