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Plutonmite Ltd is undertaking a project. (Project Network). Maths

requiredNumber of staffExpected Time (weeks)ON O W N W JINw UDescribe how this can be achieved within the shortest duration time found in (a).Assuming the project starts at time zero and that each activity commences at the earliesta) Draw a network for the project shown above. Determine the critical path and the shorteststart date, construct a chart showing the number of staff required at any one time for thisHow many weeks of this project would require all 10 members of staff?c) The management of Plutonmite Ltd has decided that it does not want more than 10 staffThe activities that need to be carried out in order to complete the feasibility study are shownmanufacturing facilities. The end result of the feasibility study will be a report recommendingPlutonmite Ltd is undertaking a project to study the feasibility of a new building for theirImmediatepredecessor(s)Im Q WIGthe action to be taken in relation to the new building.involved in this project at any one time.Quantitative AnalysisBFA0034duration of the project.ActivityAmQ wL Iproject.Question Fourbelow:


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