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Eggs are sorted into two sizes(large and extra large) at the Cheerful Chicken Dairy.Unfortunately, business has not been good lately,and since the Cheerful Chicken’s 40-year old-egg-sorting-machine finally gave up the ghost there have been no funds available to replace it.Instead,Old Fred ,one of the firm’s sharper-employees,has been equipped with a “Large” rubber stamp in his right hand and an “XLarge” stamp in his left and assigned to stamp each egg with the appropriate label as it goes by on the conveyer belt.Down the line,another employee puts the egg into either of two hoppers,each egg according to its stamp.The system work reasonably well,all things considered,except that ld Fred has a heavy hand and on the average breaks 30% of the 120 eggs that pass by him each minute.At the same time, a check of the “XLarge” stream reveals a flow rate of 70 eggs/min .of which 25 eggs/min are broken.

a) Draw and label a flowchart for this process.

b) Write and solve balance about the egg sorter on total eggs and broken eggs.

c)How many “large” eggs leave the plant each minute and what fraction of them are broken?


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