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Dreams consisted of a large segment of his life, because he would take siestas, or midday rests, in which he encounters more and more dreams. He considered the siesta as a state that is achieved at the moment that one forgets about one’s body or in psychoanalysis the state of the unconscious. Yet, his dreamlike style,

combined with a variety of works with different themes dramatically changed the way the world viewed art.

Salvador Dali, is one of the unconventional world renowned painters I truly admire. Dali’s artistic genius always has a shock factor when looking at his paintings. His paintings would easily capture not only your attention but also of your cognitive and aesthetic senses stimulating them to explore, rationalize and associate meanings to their symbolic details. Dali easily catches his viewers’ attention with the combination of light colors and the odd images in his paintings appearing seemingly to have no correlation at all. Dali’s The Persistence of Memory, a painting that earned him the hallmark of fame, is just an


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