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This also helps in creating a sense of responsibility in every member of the team as well (Parkinson and Baddeley).

The two leaders chosen for comparison are Mahatma Gandhi (positive) and Muammar Gaddafi (negative). Gandhi has been a revolutionist and one of the main reasons for India to be a free country (Adhikari). He had a major social influence, and can be said to be a charismatic leader. He focused on making sure India was a free country, and was based mostly on non violence. Muammar Gaddafi on the other hand was an authoritative leader and a skilled political manipulator who was focused on placing tighter control on the people rather than freeing them (Kafala). The rule of Gaddafi was probably the worst era for Libyans, while Gandhi’s leadership assisted the country (India) to become a free nation.

Parkinson, S and M Baddeley. “Group Decision-Making: An Economic Analysis of Social Influence and Individual Difference in Experimental Juries.” DSpace (2011). Online. 29 November 2012.


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