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Repayment of the loan is also important to them and at what rate it will be repaid, I am planning to repay the loan in two years time since I have already registered three hundred students who are to commence their studies next year. I already have 0.5 million dollars as capital and the extra funds will enable me to rent offices, hire lecturers, buy office furniture and equipments, and advertise in the media and internet and also to obtain a license which is very expensive to obtain.

The presentation is the key to the success or failure of my plans therefore after the presentation I want the audience to be confident and satisfied with my plan and offer me the money, if it’s possible I would like them to ask me to consider their partnership in the company.

The presentation will last for at most three hours, I will therefore need to have a visual aid which include an LCD projector, a laptop and in this case led me yours and also a hearing aid. I am therefore needed to have slides that will aid me in communicating to them.


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