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1.     Describe the difference between the following hepatitis viruses

a.      Hepatitis A

b.     Hepatitis B

c.      Hepatitis C

2.     Discuss the differences between the acute and convalescent phases in hepatitis and their clinical manifestations.

3.     Why should a person receive the Hepatitis-B vaccine? What is the procedure for administering the vaccine?

4.     What are three complications associated with hepatitis?

5.     What lab values would the nurse assess the patient for regarding hepatitis?

6.     Why should all patients with chronic HBV or HCV avoid alcohol?

7.     What is the pathophysiology of acute pancreatitis?

8.     Describe the difference between a Pseudocyst and Pancreatic abscess in pancreatitis?

9.     Describe the drug therapy for acute pancreatitis?

10. Describe the pathophysiology and causes of prerenal, intrarenal and post renal acute renal injury.

11. Describe the oliguric, diuretic, and recovery phases of acute renal failure.

12. What acid-base imbalances would a patient present with who has chronic kidney disease?


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