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Write a 2 page essay on Jay Ford: a Rediscovery.

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Thus, no distinction is made when it comes to welcoming a stranger to a warm meal or a cozy bed. The fact that most African families are extremely poor does not deter them from sharing anything that they have with the visitor, a fact that is so unheard of in the west. In the west, access to public spaces is built on the foundation of a sense of orderliness (and thereby adds a feather to the mechanical way of life that characterizes the western world). This concept is imbibed into people right from their childhood. But, people in Africa have a different perception towards accessing public spaces. Here, moving in masses is seen as a way of aggressive expression that can be termed as an ‘Organized chaos’.

Another important contrast in this regard is the fact that one treats his/her elders with respect for his entire life. In other words, Jay wants to signify that unlike in the west, there is a sense of deep-rooted respect within the African society for one’s elders and is irrelevant of the fact that the elders may be living or dead.


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