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16.  The Stradivari family is famous for crafting 

       A. sheet music.   B. violins.   C. cathedrals.   D. scenery.

17.  When might an audience expect to hear an overture? 

       A. At the end of an opera   B. In between movements of a cantata   C. At the beginning of an oratorio   D. After the first movement of a large-scale vocal work

18.  Elisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre was best known during her lifetime as a/an 

       A. composer only.   B. opera singer.   C. harpsichord player only.   D. composer, harpsichord player, and singer.

19.  A four-movement work with the movement structure slow-fast-slow-fast and that was supposedly intended for performance in church is called a 

       A. sonata da chiesa.   B. sonata da camera.   C. trio sonata.   D. solo sonata.

20.  Transitional sections that occur between statements of the subject in a fugue are called 

       A. expositions.   B. toccatas.   C. countersubjects.   D. episodes.


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