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need a total of 6 discussion forums 3-4 paragraphs each

1- Week Two Discussion 1 

What are the characteristics of information that affect quality? What are examples of each?

2- Week Two Discussion 2 

Why are ERP systems important to organizations? What are the typical components of an ERP system?

3- Week Three Discussion 1

What are examples of statistical techniques that managers can use to simulate business situations, optimize variables, and forecast sales or other figures?

4- Week Three Discussion 2

What are the five Web 2.0 technologies that facilitate collaboration? What features does each technology provide?

5- Week Four Discussion 1 

What is intellectual property (IP)? What are the information ethics associated with IP?

6- Week Four Discussion 2 

Why is human behavior often the weakest link for information ethics, information privacy, and information security? What are examples of strategies that organizations can implement to counteract the weaknesses in human behavior and decision making that have a negative impact on information security and privacy


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