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Overview:Court cases and their decisions establish a basis for the future. For these assignments, you will prepare a position paper that contains your concise and structuredopinion of the decisions made in each case. The Midterm Position Paper will be submitted in Module Four. The Final Position Paper will be submitted in ModuleSeven. 

Your paper should have an introduction, body, and conclusion.• Introduction (of your main element)  -State your thesis (topic and opinion you have chosen)  -Introduce main points of argument• Body (Support for your position, containing evidence and examples) -Summarize the opposing viewpoint -Address all sides of the issue -Detail your position on the issue -Include evidence for key points that support your position• Conclusion (Closing statement) -Restate your thesis -Summation of key points.  

Also for the final position paper, one of the topic that was covered throughout the course was “Hate Crime”. So hate crime will be the topic for this particular one. 

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