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Mr. Jackson was admitted two days ago, brought to the Emergency Department (ED) by ambulance after being struck by a vehicle while riding his motorcycle. He has suffered a fractured right tibia and fibula, and was taken to the OR on admission for an open reduction and internal fixation of the leg. Pins have been placed surgically through the bone above and below the fracture site to immobilize the bone as per radiological studies in EHR. Mr. Jackson has multiple lacerations to his right upper leg and is complaining of pain.

1.Patient’s Diagnosis: Give a brief summary of the pathophysiology of the patient’s medical diagnosis

2.Assessment of the Patient: What assessment findings have already been documented regarding this patient in the electronic medical record? What would your priority assessment be?

3. List three possible nursing diagnoses for this patient?

4.What are possible nursing interventions you anticipate providing for this patient?

5.Which intervention would be your first priority and why?

6.How do you plan to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention you deemed to be a priority?


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