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Selected organization: American College of Healthcare Executives.   

Url: https:// 

Name of the organization that publishes the code of ethics that you found.   

Include the URL to the code of ethics.   

Identify the following:   

Identify an actual ethical challenge you have experienced or observed in you professional life (personnel issues, confidentiality, patient records, communication, etc.) to use as a foundation for this discussion question. Once you have your ethical challenge selected, review the code of ethics appropriate for your profession along with any relevant research and determine how the ethical challenge might be resolved.   

Analyze the factors that contribute to the ethical challenge and how it might affect the organization.   

Propose a solution that aligns with your professional code of ethics and is supported with recent relevant research.   

Explain how you as a leader will support and guide the process to resolve the ethical challenge.   

Use at least two references and add citations. 

Number of Pages: 1 Page Academic Level: College Paper Format: APA 


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