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Do the following problems on paper and scan or photograph them for submission.

1.    You want to install a new air conditioning condenser in back of your house. Your neighbor’s house is 40 m from the location of the condenser. The manufacturer tells you that the unit produces a sound pressure level of 85 dBA at a distance of 1 m. How loud would the unit be at the neighbor’s house?

2.    Below is a sound pressure level spectrum in octave bands, measured at a receiver location distant from the source. The source and receiver of this sound are both 2 m off the ground. A barrier, 5.5 m tall, is built 3 m from the source.

31.5 Hz

63 Hz

125 Hz

250 Hz

500 Hz

1 kHz

2 kHz

4 kHz

8 kHz

68 dB

61 dB

53 dB

49 dB

37 dB

34 dB

29 dB

24 dB

20 dB

a.     Find the resulting insertion loss values for each octave band at write them down.

b.    Subtract these values from the given spectrum to find the spectrum with the barrier in place.

c.     Find the A-weighted total level at the receiver with the barrier in place.


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