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1). Dr. Manzetti is studying the family, societal, and media influences on the sexual behavior of teens. According to the biopsychosocial approach, Dr. Manzetti is studying the ________ influences on teen sexual behavior.

a. social-cultural

b. psychological

c. biological

d. internal stimulus

2). Dr. Chang is studying sexual behavior. In her research, she focuses on the role of sex hormones and sexual maturity in this behavior. According to the biopsychosocial approach, Dr. Chang is studying the ________ influences on sexual behavior.

a. biological

b. psychological

c. social-cultural

d. external stimulus

3). When women as hypersexualized by the mass media, it can lead to______

a. safe contraceptive use.

b. sexual abstinence.

c. erotic plasticity.

d. the early sexualization of girls.

4). Abraham, a 21-year-old college student, is homosexual; his brother Levi, a 27-year-old lawyer, is heterosexual. The brothers obviously differ in their

a. sexual orientation.

b. erotic plasticity.

c. sexual response cycle.

d. refractory period.


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