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My topic is: Comprehending Stories

This assignment is your informational and research basis for your class presentation.  For this assignment, you will write five one page summaries, concentrating on teaching methods and strategies, for the topic you have chosen.

  • Review and describe sound language arts teaching practices, strategies, or methods pertaining to your topic.
  • Hightlight any research that is useful or important for a language arts teacher to know or use in the classroom.
  • The five summaries are written in a clear and concise manner.
  • Each summary relates to the assigned language arts topic you chose.
  • Four summaries are on the assigned topic and come from peer-reviewed journals.
  • One summary comes from the textbook section on the topic.
  • The journal articles included in the summaries are from peer reviewed journal articles written in the past   five years.
  • Citations within the summaries are in APA format.
  • References are in APA format.
  • Each summary is one page double-spaced.
  • Correct spelling and grammar are used.


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