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Relational Database Design 

You are tasked to develop a database design for a retail company that involves shipping orders to customers. Order data includes an order date, a ship date, and one or more items on each order should be identified by a unique ID. The quantities of each item in the order, the order amount (total per item and per order), and the customer to whom the order is shipped should be added. Customer data includes a unique customer ID, customer name, and address. Items in the inventory have a unique item ID, description, and unit cost.

Identify and describe each entity for this application and the attributes of each entity.

Develop relationship sentence pairs for each pair of related entities.

Develop a Visio ERD using crow’s feet notation based on your relationship sentence pairs.

Submit the following screen snapshots, in this order and appropriately labeled, in a single Word file:

  1. Your entity descriptions and the attributes for each entity
  2. Your relationship sentence pairs
  3. Your Visio ERD (take a screen snapshot from Visio and paste into your Word file)


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