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Assignment help 669

What type of output is this?

a. One-way ANOVA

b. Two-way ANOVA with an interaction

c. Two-way ANOVA without an interaction


e. Multiple linear regression

Publ 6092 : Biostatistical Applications for Public HealthSAS Output #4um ofMeaSourceSquaresSquareF ValuePROFMode8 . 123622 861818 . 0349Error3 .12514GIBBSCorrected Total1753 . 24875ROOT HSE9 .13408R – Square8 038Dependent Mean175951Adj R – 591 826Coeff Var5. 78593ParameterLandandVariableEstimateErrorValue+ 1intercept2. 348389 . 157514 86EBBIAGEBEENSIZE8 9821 1A . 423 5761AKPHOS8 690859 .2 4BB3767 7LI JI2 . BILE


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