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In doing this, the enzyme performs fundamental functions that help maintain the life of the cell. The functions include regulating cellular volume by permitting the flow of both potassium and sodium in and out of the cell. The enzyme also maintains the resting potential of the cell and the transportation within the cells.

Sodium-potassium pump regulates the cell volume through by pumping sodium out of the cell and potassium into the cell. The failure of such a vital function would cause swellings of the cells. By enhancing the flow of the two minerals in an out of the cell, the enzyme helps maintain the cells osmolarity, which is the totality of the concentration of organic compounds, proteins and ion species in the cell (Mary 33). Additionally, by pumping sodium out of the cells, the enzymes provide adequate force for other membrane transport proteins. This helps in the transportation of amino acids, glucose and other nutrients into the cells. In doing this, the transport proteins exploit the sodium gradient created by the sodium-potassium


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