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  1. Given each scenario, identify an appropriate type of chart or plot that you would use to determine the answer. (e.g. pie chart, scatterplot, etc.)
  2. a) We want to understand distribution of the cholesterol level for 100 males aged 20-30.
  3. b) Is the correlation between daily outside temperature and amount of natural gas used for heating, positive or
  4. negative?
  5. c) We want to graphically represent the Indiana yearly harvest of soybeans (in tons) between 1985 and 2015.
  6. d) We want to see if there is a relationship between the weight of a passenger vehicle and fuel efficiency
  7. (measured as miles per gallon).
  8. e) We want to understand the distribution of annual household incomes in Tippecanoe County for 2012.
  9. f) A poll of 200 undergraduates was taken. The respondents were asked to list all the modes of transportation
  10. used to travel to campus.
  11. g) What is the percentage of Indiana vehicles that are small passenger cars, large passenger cars, trucks, SUVs,
  12. and other types? 


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